The first native ad platform which allows publishers to create custom ad inventory that is easy to sell and scale.

Increase your revenues with additional tailored native ad inventory

Create a customized marketplace for direct advertisers

Maximize yield of your native and standard units via one platform

Just as each site has its own identity, No two CAST platforms are alike

Our Platform

We’ve built a fully dynamic ad-serving platform that knows how to create, serve, and monetize non-standard native ad units, all powered by advanced yield optimizing algorithms.

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Partners powered by C.A.S.T

We are proud to work with companies who realize there is more to advertising
than skyscrapers and leaderboards


The only software and tech focused display network

AfterDownload specializes in effectively distributing software and web applications. Utilizing C.A.S.T., AfterDownload allows publishers to promote unique inventory on software and tech content to generate new revenue. Reaching over 93% of software enthusiasts makes this network the most effective channel for software and tech advertisers who are looking to reach large scale targeted users.

42nd Mobile St.

An In-App and Display Mobile Advertising Network

With C.A.S.T., 42nd Mobile Street provides an advertising platform for publishers looking to monetize their apps and display inventory for mobile devices in a more natural, high engagement setting. The network supports working on CPM, CPE & CPI models. Publishers can utilize all standard format mobile ad units along with a set of unique mobile placements.


Native Software Ads on the World's #1 Download Site

With SpotBid and C.A.S.T., software and tech advertisers have the ability to promote their products within content integrated ad units throughout Advertisers can work with the direct sales team or promote their products through a 3 step to live self-service option.

NZN Network Brazil

Maximizing the media potential in an ascending market

As one of the largest online groups in Brazil, owning and operating many of Latam's biggest vertical portals, NZN is using C.A.S.T. to expand their media activity and create a custom ad serving solution to fit the needs of their diverse internet portfolio.

C.A.S.T. Exchange

A boutique marketplace for advertisers

The C.A.S.T. Exchange is a gateway for advertisers who are looking to buy premium media from brand safe networks powered by C.A.S.T. Unlike generic exchanges, the C.A.S.T. Exchange is the only 100% premium marketplace that is relevant to advertisers who are looking for the ideal combination between performance marketing and brand awareness.

01net group

01net group attracts 6,6 million French unique visitors (Médiamétrie Net Ratings November 2012) making it the must-see technology generalist website in French. is the download service of 01Net and provides more than 200 million of downloads per year in French speaking countries..